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Dec 9, 2011 / 14 notes

If we were all angels

Albert Pujols leaves the city of St. Louis with two World Series titles, earning the second title just months ago.

i understand the fans’ disappointment, but business is business. can you honestly hate a man that leaves to the west coast for A QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS!? get real.

he left St. Louis better than he found it. took the red birds to the playoffs seven of his eleven seasons, two for three in the world series. ambassador of the game and honorary mayor of the city. future inductee of the St. Louis Hall of Fame, MLB Hall of Fame, and whatever other halls that need glorifying. be proud and appreciative of what Pujols has given the city, then move on QUICKLY! you have 220 million dollars freed up from the Pujols deal. be aggressive, be productive the rest of this offseason. you dont wanna end up like Cleveland.


Nov 13, 2011 / 6 notes

Houston, Best in the AFC

The best.

Two words not often associated with sports teams in Houston. There were the ‘94 and ‘95 Rockets, but then again, it took Michael Jordan retiring for this to happen. For the 2011 Texans, Peyton Manning’s season ending injury seems to have sidelined the entire city of Indianapolis and has put Houston in position for the franchise’s first playoff berth. With the best defense (without Mario Williams) and a strong running game (to compensate for the loss of Andre Johnson), Houston has a shot to run DEEP in the playoffs. Can you imagine?

After belittling the Bucs in Tampa Bay 37-9, Houstonians are feeling really good about their football team (and for damn good reason). First time conference leader with a franchise best 7-3 start, top-ranked defense, the best 1-2 running attack in football, the anticipated return of Andre Johnson after the Bye, and one of the softer remaining schedules in the league.

11: BYE

12: @ Jacksonville (3-6)

13: vs. Atlanta (5-4)

14: @ Cincinnati (6-3)

15: vs. Carolina (2-7)

16: @ Indianapolis (0-10)

17: vs. Tennessee (5-4)

Now worst case scenario, Texans lose to Cincy and Atlanta (the strongest remaining opponents). They still win the division and finish the season at 11-5. The way the normal playoff contenders are playing, Houston just may finish best in the AFC.

Houston hasn’t had much postseason relevance since the 2005 Astros (swept in the World Series) and the 2009 Rockets (2nd round, lost 4-3 to the would-be championship Lakers). For the Texans to finally break away as one of league’s best teams has brought some confidence back to Houston. People are proud of their team. The town so used to mediocrity and shortcomings have something to look forward to on Sunday.

Houstonians know all too well how this much success can deflate into a familiar disappointment very quickly, but given the schedule and the team’s confidence in one another, the Texans are on the verge of something great for the city. 

remember that feeling?

be the best, 1-0 every week.


Nov 8, 2011 / 6 notes

Bean Ball

You know what i find interesting?

ESPN and everyone who is reporting on the NBA lockout keeps asking Kobe how he feels and keeps us updated on however many millions hes turned down to play overseas, and in italy specifically, and Kobe never gives a straight answer or you hear a general statement from his people. Some people are bothered that hes not taking a more vocal stand against the current state of the NBA and a bunch of his overseas fans I’m sure are a little disgruntled he wont play for them, although china gets a does of him every year and the philippines got a taste of he and some of his esteemed all stars this summer.  Since the fairly unfamiliar early outing of the slowly imploding Lakers, Kobe has be practically M.I.A. and I’ve been wondering why.

Then I recalled what Kobe said in the press conference briefly after their series defeat at the hands of the Mavericks, something to the effect of it being a lost year because not winning is not apart of his agenda at this point in his career. And as cold as those were when read, they were even sterner when said by the 5 time champion. If said by anyone else it may be seen as them letting their emotions get the best of them just coming off a terrible team showing the entire series and literally unraveling in the final moments of the their ultimate demise, but understand this.

What hasn’t Kobe Bryant done? Besides a few less MVP’s and one missing ring kobe has nothing left to do but win. Nothing matters but the bottom line and personally I’ve been waiting for this attitude to become more of a staple around the league, I feel like Derrick Rose has it and Durant is creeping into it. Dwight Howard really needs to pick up on it.  But nonetheless im excited to see Kobe once the league gets back on its feet.

If there was one person in the NBA who needed this it’s him. The amount time and energy he exerts on and off the court its tremendous. Hes played non stop since committing to play for team USA a few years before the last olympics and hes won every year since that except this year.  He needed and deserved this break. His tank was on E.

I mean look at dude, even icing the finger in a mug.

just looking at this picture makes me tired

Say what you want about him as a person but no one works harder than him and when it comes to basketball, it’s about winning. nothing else. You cant tell me he doesnt embody that.

Hes going to come at people’s neck like a freight train this season. Whenever that may be.

And what will people say if and when he finally gets that last ring?

-bradley ward

Nov 1, 2011 / 2 notes

Today would of been the MAVS DAY.

Today would have been the first day of the NBA regular season, and the Dallas Mavericks would have been raising their first NBA championship banner and getting their well deserved rings. But no, thats not happening because these assholes still cant agree. I wont get into all the nitty gritty details about the lockout, but I’ll end this post by saying, FUCK THE SMALL MARKET OWNERS OF THE NBA. Thank you and have a great day. -Vik

Oct 29, 2011 / 7 notes
Oct 16, 2011

Pre game: Week 5 recap part 2


Wasn’t this supposed another installment in the “Suck for Luck” series? Guess not, both teams got back to playing their signature brand of football. The Colts got back to running their offense (I guess that requires a QB that actually knows it, who knew) to the delight of Pierre Garcon and Reggie Wayne, against a banged up Chiefs’ secondary. Garcon specifically looks like he has a good rapport with Curtis Painter, who had a brilliant first half. He was 12 of 17 for 237 yards with two TDs and a quarterback rating of 152.2 as the Colts built a 24-7 lead.  

In the second half Matt Cassel and the chiefs bounced back with a pair of touchdowns to both his starting wideouts and it looked like 2010 for a while. Cassel turned in a stellar outing with 4 touchdowns and no picks, while Dwayne Bowe continues to play like an all-pro. In addition, free agent pickup Steve Breaston has had to two good games in a row now and although the colts secondary is reason to take this performance with a grain of salt, things could be looking up for the chiefs as they get back first round pick Jonathan Baldwin and with Jackie Battle picking up some of the slack in the running game.


Blaine Gabbert vs Andy Dalton? Are these two teams building a team for the future or are these two head coaches fighting to keep their jobs? Well this game was bad news for Jack Del-rio, whose team has dropped 8 of 9 dating back to last season.  The jags simply just don’t have a great deal of talent at the skill positions on both sides of the ball, so while they got decent up front they couldn’t make enough plays to win the game. Blaine Gabbert looked better throwing the ball this week as the jags went to the spread but the rookie made his mistakes, specifically losing a snap at the end of the game that would be returned by Cincinnati’s defense.  

Andy Dalton on the other hand looks like he’s found a couple targets for the future in AJ Green and Jermaine Gresham. This young offense looks like it could really start to take off towards the end of the season. In the meantime I’m sure Marvin Lewis will be happy to pick up wins on the strength of his defense.


In battle of Ex eagle starters this game was really about Adrian Peterson, and the Arizona’s inability to stop him. The Vikings got ahead early in the first quarter with 3 touchdowns by AP largely in part because of Kevin Kolb’s in effectiveness on offense. Kolb seemed to lock onto a covered Fitzgerald a couple times early which lead to sacks and missed opportunities and the cardinals just weren’t able to play effectively from behind (of course it doesn’t help when the Vikings actually give Peterson the ball in the second half).  All in all the Vikings did what they’ve done in the first half the last couple of games, and actually played well in the second for a change. Interesting side note, highly paid receiver Bernard Berrian was a healthy inactive for the game after getting into a twitter spat with a senator over his play earlier in the week.


The Seattle Seahawks have quietly been playing good football after looking terrible in their first two games, this week they finally get the win after giving the Falcons a run for their money last week. The Giants? I don’t know what to think about this Giants team, I want to say that they have a good defense but some weeks they just don’t play up to par. Eli Manning? Don’t know what to think about him either. At some point you just have to look in the mirror and either accept who you are or make a drastic change, I get the feeling that either Tom Coughlin or Manning might end up being that change. Manning passed for over 400 yards and threw for three touchdowns but his three picks were the reason they lost, especially the one at the end of the game that Seattle took to the house. On a brighter note they really look to have found a player in Victor Cruz.

The Seahawks have problems of their own but definitely did some good things of their own, Marshawn Lynch was finally able to get it going this week, Doug Baldwin had a good game with Sidney Rice drawing attention from the safeties, and Charlie Whitehurst filled in admirably for starter Tavaris Jackson.

Oct 16, 2011

Pre game: Week 5 recap part 1


The Eagles continue to put themselves behind the eight ball with overall lack of discipline and a plethora of mental errors. This game ended on a play that basically summarized the entire game, the eagles jumped offside and therefore the bills offense didn’t even have to a make a play. While both Vick and Andy Reid accepted the blame for the loss (and their 1-4 start) there was plenty of blame to go around. Jason Avant, who actually had a pretty good outing, was involved in two costly turnovers, most notably the bobbled catch that was intercepted to end the game. 

Buffalo on the other hand proved that they belong, and although the offense didn’t really have to make many plays they did a good job of protecting the ball and moving the chains when they needed to. Stevie Johnson had a pretty quiet outing with just 3 catches for 29 yards while Fred Jackson carried the majority of the load in both the rushing and receiving game. On defense George Wilson had a monster game shadowing Vick around the field as well as making plays on the back end. Basically the bills defense jumped on Vick and the eagles offensive line early and continued to make plays as the game went on. At the 5 week point these are two teams headed in opposite directions, unfortunately for the eagles..


Cam Newton and his young panthers team gave the Saints all they could handle all game long but on the last drive of the game Drew Brees showcased exactly why the saints are able to compete with anyone going 8 of 9 for 80 yaards and the go-ahead score. Brees is an equal opportunity passer, completing a pass to 9 different receivers, but it looks like he’s found a new favorite target in 6’7 TE Jimmy Graham; the two connected 8 times for 129 yards, including a sweet one handed grab for 33 yards.

The panthers are simply a competitive young team that just hasn’t figured out how to close out games, which I’m sure is disappointing for rookie Cam Newton, but they are slowly but surely getting their running game going and as defense gets healthier this team could do some damage in the coming weeks.


Where do I even begin? On a day dedicated to a true football icon, Al Davis’ Raiders just won, baby.  The raiders got down early but battled back and totally dominated the haphazard Texans in the second half. Neither team was able to really get their running games going as both defenses keyed in on the opposing team’s star rusher. However Jason Campbell was just more consistent than Matt Schaub in the second half after failing to convert a first down on their first four drives. Schaub on the other hand looked lost without his favorite target, and the offense as whole just looked out of rhythm after starting fast. The Raiders defense was able to bat 8 of Schaub’s throws at the line (He’s 6’5 incase you were wondering) and was able to hold Jacoby Jones (who was playing in Johnson’s spot ) to one catch for 9 yards. Additionally the Texans had crucial drops most notably by Joel Dressen and Lawrence Vickers, who dropped what could have been the game tying score. All in all it was just the same old Texans who tried to do too much to late, while the Raiders looked like a team who were playing inspired football. The Texans found ways to lose (missed field goal, dropped passes, botched snaps, interception to end the game) while Oakland capitalized (fake punt conversion on fourth down, 3 field goals of more than 50 yards) . The Texans need to get their issues corrected in time for a Baltimore Ravens coming off bye ready to play football. Oh and a bonus of bad news for the Texans, converted outside linebacker Mario Williams left the game with a pectoral injury and early indications are that he could be out for a while.

-Komron Kasnavia

Oct 10, 2011 / 2 notes

Chicken Little

On Sunday the Houston Texans suffered a 25-20 loss at the hands of the Oakland Raiders. Inspired and motivated by the loss of team owner Al Davis, the Raiders dominated the second half and secured a victory in his honor.

The Raiders dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and never let the Texans into any offensive groove. Missing Andre Johnson was huge. His absence allowed the Raiders to play in more 8 man fronts and send blitzes to pressure Matt Schaub and stifle the run game. Defensively the Texans looked stout holding the Raiders to 32 yards in the first half withholding a late touchdown drive. From that point after, the Raiders were able to take advantage of Mario Williams’ season ending injury and began to move the ball very proficiently. With all that said, the Raiders extreme lack in discipline and questionable play calling gave the Texans one last chance to win the game. It came down to one last play with 7 seconds left on the clock and the Texans inside the 10 yard line, and ended in a pathetic interception by Matt Schaub to Michael Huff to close the game.

While as a Texans fan it was disappointing to see them lose, what was more disappointing was the reaction of fellow fans. Calling for a change at quarterback, trashing the defense, and even claims that the season was over. Relax everyone. As it stands we are 3-2 with 11 games left. Those 11 games include: Ravens, Titans twice, Jaguars twice, Falcons, Panthers, Buccaneers, Bengals, Browns, and the Colts. If the Texans win the games they should, they could still very well end this season anywhere between 12-4 and 10-6 which equates to winning the division and making the playoffs where we’ve learned in the past few years that anything is possible. Look up Texans fans, the sky isn’t falling.

-t. ali

Oct 2, 2011

Favorite Championship Teams: Yonas’ Take

I watched basketball as a kid but it was more/less just another game.  The rockets were the home team and The Dream was ours, but to say they were my favorite would be a lie.  The Bulls were my team, and Michael Jordan was (and still is) my favorite.  Notice I did not say player. He was more than just that, he was a superhero. 

My favorite championship year:  Easy answer, MJs last year for the Bulls in 97-98 year.   Nothing will ever come close to the final chapter in my favorite book (wizards years don’t count) 


Sep 18, 2011 / 8 notes

Out With The Old

This year was the first year since 1998 that Tim Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal, or Kobe Bryant weren’t playing in the NBA Finals. In case that’s hard for you to fathom:

1999: Spurs defeat Knicks (4-1)

2000: Lakers defeat Pacers (4-2)

2001: Lakers defeat 76ers (4-1)

2002: Lakers defeat Nets (4-0)

2003: Spurs defeat Nets (4-2)

2004: Lakers lose to Pistons (1-4)

2005: Spurs defeat Pistons (4-3)

2006: Heat defeat Mavericks (2-4)

2007: Spurs defeat Cavaliers (4-0)

2008: Lakers lose to Celtics (2-4)

2009: Lakers defeat Magic (4-1)

2010: Lakers defeat Celtics (4-3)

Now do you believe me? (And I know Shaq was on the Celtics bench, but he wasn’t playing so I’m not counting it. Let’s be honest, Shaq hasn’t done anything that’s counted for 5 years.) As hard as it is to believe this little factoid, what’s even harder to accept is what it means for basketball. It means the guys we grew up on, the guys who dominated the league for so long, they’re getting old. Even this year’s series was full of old faces; Dirk Nowitzki, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett. We were kids when the Bulls were running the league, and we always knew how great they were, but when we really were invested in the NBA, when we really watched the NBA and became fans of professional basketball, these are the guys we’ve watched. We saw the unstoppable combination of Kobe and Shaq, then we saw Shaq ask Kobe how his ass tasted. We saw the ever-present Tim Duncan collect 3 Finals MVP trophies along with his 3 championships in ’99, ’03, and ’05. Not to mention, we watched Robert Horry make clutch shot after clutch shot for whoever seemed to be in the Finals at the time. Not seeing Kobe, Shaq, or Duncan in the Finals this year is, in a way, symbolic of the end of an era. We’ve watched Shaq deteriorate and seemingly become Greg Oden-esque.  Guys like Robert Horry and Reggie Miller have retired, Allen Iverson has disappeared, the Celtics roster is aging with grace, and whatever happened to Tracy McGrady? What I’m trying to say is, that player you grew up idolizing, chances are he’ll stop playing soon. That means we have to start preparing ourselves for the next generation.  The NBA is changing and thankfully we’ve got guys like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose to help us cope. Out with the old, in with the new. It’s happening even if you don’t want it to.

-georgia howard